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P2 Hero by BetaCicada
P2 Hero
"Hey, uh, Drew? Can we talk to you for a minute?"
"Hm? What's up?"
"Well... Jowee and I have been thinking..."
"Well, we've been thinking that we may need some extra hands around the village. You know, both for general labor purposes and extra security, now that we're getting more and more international traffic."
"Ok... I guess... Why are you telling ME this? Shouldn't you be telling these to all the business owners around here to encourage some extra employment or something?"
"Well, that's kinda the thing- nobody can really commute into the village on a daily basis since using the World Gates are so expensive. The only help we ever had for this kind of stuff was you."
"Uh huh..."
"...And while I'm not saying you're still not being a great hand around here, I have to admit that you just can't be everywhere at once... so..."
"We decided to summon another Hero!"
"Jowee, shut it."
"...You what?"
"Well, it's just as he said- we thought we'd double up production and make good use of the multi-limb mannequin we found on Turtlerock that you abandoned."
"Nuh uh, no. Bad idea. One hero is enough for a world. I wouldn't go around summoning more than one of me."
"Why not?"
"It's the balance of the world, you know? I have to be the single omnipresent entity of the creator to look after all of you. It's just the way it's supposed to be."
"That doesn't seem very balanced to me..."
"So in other words, you don't have a real reason to complain."
"If we have two heroes around, it's not gonna end the world or collapse space or anything, is it?"
"Well... no... but I would just prefer it if you didn't."
"Hm... then that's a problem."
"Because we already summoned it."
"Hey- does that mean you guys are siblings? Being both from the Creator and all?
"What? No! It doesn't mean anything! This is ridiculous! Get rid of it! Now!"
"We can't. We already summoned her. You'd have to ask the Creator to undo it."
"I can't ask the Creator for that! He creates things, not destroys them! That's why he's called the CREATOR!"
"Does that mean that there's a Destroyer? That's one intimidating name."
"My family had a dog with that name a long time ago."
"No, there's no Destroyer, either! My point is, that you guys are responsible for bringing this second hero around, so you guys had better find a way to get rid of it!"
"Why would we want to do that?"
"She's supposed to help around the village like you do. There's not really any downsides to her being here."
"Yes there is! I don't want her here!"
"Would you consider that a downside, Mari?"
"No. Maybe a minor inconvenience at the very most. Sorry Drew, but she's staying."
"Hey Drew, if you guys are siblings, does that mean you're her older brother?"
"You guys are terrible. I hate you all."
"Oh, relax. It'll be good for you. It'll take off some of the weight on your shoulders. Now we don't have to depend on just you for general services. Besides, you might come to like her."
"Dammit, you guys should've asked me BEFORE you summoned it. For all you knew it COULD'VE ended the world."
"Not according to the footnote on the second page of the Book of Life..."
"*Sigh* Whatever. No use crying over spilled milk. Where is she?"
"She's about to land on your back."
Sketch out of Boredom by BetaCicada
Sketch out of Boredom
Just a rough sketch made for the heck of it. Not gonna capitalize or finalize or anything.
I don't normally post stuff like this. Maybe I should do that more often, I dunno.
Night Class by BetaCicada
Night Class
"...It's pretty..."
"...Hm? What was that?"
"The night sky tonight. It's very pretty."
"Ah... you're right. I can see a lot of stars out there."
"It's much better than the night view from home. The sky is never starry or colorful as it is here. I could look up into the sky all... *yaaawn* ...all day."
"Hey, hey. Don't go to sleep -we're supposed to be paying attention to the lecture. If you're sleepy, you should've taken the day classes."
"But if I took those, I wouldn't be able to see all this every night. This the reason I come here this late."
"Just for the sky? I don't understand. Is it really that big of a deal? To come all the way out here, this late just to look into the sky?"
"Haha, I don't know if you would understand even if I told you."
"But it's strange, isn't it? How different it is out here compared to at home? I wonder why that is..."
"It's probably because there's no light pollution out here to cover up the real night sky."
"Hm... is that so...?"
"Why are you giving me that look?"
"Oh, no reason. I just thought it would be more interesting if it was because there's something, you know... special about this place."
"Special? What do you mean?"
"I dunno, like this place serves a special purpose for somebody. Or there's something that's just fated to happen here."
"Oh... well... sorry for uh, ruining that for you."
"Haha, don't worry about it. I already knew the scientific reason why."
"Then why'd you ask in the first place?"
"Because it's fun to believe in that idea and I wanted to share it with you. I wasn't expecting you to actually know why."
"But even when we do know the reason things are what they are, it's fun to just... believe the rules are different, don't you think?"
Started at approx. 21:00 PST 2.1.2014
If you're interested...

Mind the outdated username and my unpredictable taste in background media. If you don't like it, MUTE IT.
Note that to use chat, you'll have to register for a free Ustream account. You don't have to though if you just want to watch..

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